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Visit to the Technical Supervisory Association

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014


Like any other German car, my adapted car with its hand throttle and wheelchair loading system has to be inspected by the Technical Supervisory Association every other year.

Usually this is a bit annoying, but this time it was really funny.

The whole story started when I asked if I should drive the car myself into the hall due to the hand throttle.
They insured it wouldn’t be a problem… well then…

It was funny to see the inspector hopping like a kangaroo to the test stand with my car. It wasn’t so easy driving with hand throttle after all.

While I was waiting a display dummy attracted my attention which stood next to the reception desk. It was wearing a t-shirt

Without visible defects, Technical Supervisory Association (TĂśV-Hessen)

I was laughing with tears.

Of course I bought such a t-shirt immediately, but when I paid I couldn’t refrain from saying to the lady that my 24 inch aluminium wheelchair rims are not recorded in my identity card ;-)

My car passed the inspection without defects and got its sticker on the number plate.

I assume that the inspector wanted to have a closer look at my wheelchair loading system, otherwise I can hardly explain why I had to drive my car myself out of the hall. Or maybe he didn’t like my hand throttle??? ;-)

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Wishing you all a pleasant 1st Advent!

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

I like to freeze my butt off ;-)

Sign saying:
Fancy hot cider?
Option 1: Freeze your butt off on the overcrowded christmas market :-(
Option 2: Enjoy the best hot cider with calvados directly with us!

Crazy Flash XXII

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Crazy Flash XXI

Friday, November 22nd, 2013


No arms, no cookies…!!!

It’s always hard to find good cleaning staff ;-)

The picture on the right was even taken at the Rehacare fair in DĂĽsseldorf…!!!

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Crazy Flash XX

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

I Love Home Improvement Stores

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013


Last week it was time again….

Since September 2008 I am back home after my accident.
These are around 1600 days.

I guess that I am rolling in my wheelchair at least 5 times a day into the kitchen and out again.
This results in the following pressure load calculation:

1600 days x 5 rides (kitchen) x 2 (in and out) x 2 (front + back tyres) =

32000 doorsill crossings.

This is hard work for the

aluminium bar doorsill.

To make it short, the bar has had it, and I went to the do-it-yourself store to buy a new one.

They really had the same type still available which makes the replacement very easy, but “just” in the 2 meter version.

Of course I couldn’t reach the bar in the back of the shelf. Probably it was an employees meeting at the same time, because the service counter of the shop was empty.

I didn’t find a do-it-yourself craftsman from the shop who could have given me the bar or even sawn it through.

Another customer helped me to get the 2 meter bar out of the shelf and put it vertically into my wheelchair bag so that I didn’t have to ride through the shop like Don Quixote with the lance.

It certainly looked funny when I rode with the flagpole directly to the cashier at the exit.

Another customer was already served there.

I am still sorry that the cashier woman had to get up to scan the barcode of the bar.

I forbade myself the question if she could possibly help me with the wheelchair flagpole to my car.

No reaction from her side… this must have looked so unbelievable ridiculous,… I had to refrain from laughing so much, but remained dead serious and paid. I was served 100% correctly.

Then she uttered a “security advice” after all, I am sure I won’t hear these words too soon again:

You don’t fit through the door with your size!!!

Correct… good visual judgement…

The other customer grinned, offered his help immediately and brought the bar to my car, thanks again.

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Crazy Flash XIX

Sunday, January 13th, 2013


It’s nothing new that you gain one or more kilos weight at Christmas, but what is too much is too much.

I am shocked and deeply embarrassed how extreme the gorging was this time.

I was shocked about my dimensions on the photo when I compared both pictures with each other.

Between the drawing by Anna, made on 24.12.2012 on the right, and the photo on the left made on 28.12.2012, is only

4 days difference…!!!

Help, … please give me wheeler compliant tips so that I reach the drawing shape quickly…!!!

Thanks for the great picture ;-)

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Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013


Wishing you all a “Happy New Year”, especially health and always a smile in your face.

No joke, this actually happened directly on January 1st… I was speechless!!!

I was on Lanzarote for a couple of days for a FreeWheel test week and was flying back yesterday.

It’s nothing new that I divert all kind of things from their intended use and declare them to be technical aids.
In the plane a passenger who sat in the same row did the same.

I willingly pass on interesting and smart ideas.

Apparently he didn’t finish his tasty plane meal.

Thereupon he used to my surprise the airplane oral emission spitting bag* which is quite suitable for technical reasons because of its aluminium coating as doggy bag.

He stored it securely until he left the plane in the bag of the front seat and took it with him then.

Well, enjoy your meal then, I pass on this saving tip without prejudice!!!

*barf bag / air sickness bag

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End of the world today 21.12.2012

Friday, December 21st, 2012


Apocalypse Rehearsal!
Expedition Mexico 2007

Scan the picture: The green T-Shirt, that’s me ;-)

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Crazy Flash XVII

Thursday, December 20th, 2012


After 15 years of shift work as pedestrian and now since 5 years as frequent driver in a wheelchair I could be addressed by this sign.

I am said to bang my head against a wall sometimes, but a sign directing to the wall is even new to me ;-)

“Passing for handicapped and shift-workers only”

What might be hidden behind the wall???

Click on tag “Signs”, there is more to see…

Thanks to Thomas B. for this snapshot.

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Chock Part XIII

Friday, November 9th, 2012


On Monday evening I “just” wanted to fuel up quickly!!!

There it was again

“The just-word”,

which will drive me insane some time.

The petrol station with the yellow shell has re-established the filling station attendant a couple of years ago. This is why I am usually going to the yellow club, but this time not to my usual station.

Unfortunately this one didn’t have a filling service, so I drove through to the cashier desk and waved with my yellow

Please keep distance sign, with handicap symbol

(see older blogpost),

for the side window.

The cashier clerk nodded in my direction, came outside and put the fuel hose into my car. After my cash budget of 40 € was exhausted he pulled the nozzle out again and cashed up.

I wished him a nice evening and started with my vehicle. When I was on the street again the car behind me flashed, then I already saw my

fuel cap flying!!!

Even after intensive search my original fuel cap could not be located any more. Now I have a fuel cap out of the stock of the station.

Possibly it was from a 911 which would explain my rough driving mode from yesterday ;-)

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Crazy Flash XVII

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012


My favourite wheeler joke


A blind, a deaf and a wheeler stand at the river Jordan.

Then a voice speaks to them:

Swim through the river, and you will experience a miracle.

The wheeler is pushing the blind first to the right direction, and he falls into the water.

He swims to the other side and calls out loud, I can see again, I can see again.

Now it’s the turn of the deaf, when he comes out of the water he cries out lout, I can hear again!!!

The wheeler jumps into the water, he just makes it to the other side without drowning.

When he comes up the bank, he calls out loud:

Yippie… a set of “new tyres”,… a set of “new tyres”…!!!

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Crazy Flash XVI

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012


At the very first moment, nothing special strikes out from this sign.

(Someone has written on it: Attention! Stupid Kids!)

On closer examination I was in doubt for an instant if I didn’t confuse my pills in the morning… ;-)

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Crazy Flash XV

Monday, July 23rd, 2012


Through the website as pretended comments to the blogposts I am continuously bombarded with “Spams” from the entire world.
This website of the

Pest-Control-Las Vegas

you have to see!!

La cucaracha, la cucaracha… ;-)

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Crazy Flash XIV

Friday, April 20th, 2012