Quadriplegic Tips XII


The personal enemy of the quadri-(aka tetra-)plegic is, hardly to believe, the:

Tetra Pak beverage carton

These things are so smooth that it is hardly possible to decently pour something into a glass.

I was owning this

metal holder for Tetra Paks

already a couple of years before my accident.

It was revitalised from my

kitchenware graveyard

and does a good job for me now.

If somebody knows the source of supply of this extremely useful equipment, please send a short e-mail to me.
Have a look on to your kitchenware graveyard, maybe 10-15 pieces are lying around there which you have in excess?


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One Response to “Quadriplegic Tips XII”

  1. Meckisteam says:

    Ich habe dir gerade eine eMail mit einem eBay-Link geschickt. Da ist so ein Tetra Pack Halter zu verkaufen. Läuft noch 3 Tage und ist bis jetzt echt billig. Wenn du noch mehr davon brauchst schreib mich an. Ich such dann nochmal.

    VG, Holger

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