Technical Aids for Quadriplegics IX


There are often small things which can help to get mad a little less in spite of one’s handicap. With my buckled fingers I always have “slight” difficulties to hold a pen.

Even before my accident I already had a kind of cryptographic handwriting (dreadful scrawl), which I only could decipher myself, but now…

My “handwriting“ is quite dreadful despite occupational therapy in which I started like in first grade to draw “e” and “a”.

I always try to convince myself to see everything sportingly and stay quiet, but if it is about writing I rarely succeed.

Everybody who once had a healthy set of hands knows what I mean.

I recommend to everyone who would like to try out such a handicap to do the housekeeping for at least 1,5 hours with leather ski gloves, or just try to write an address on an envelope… with sender! ;-)
If I could really motivate somebody for this test I would appreciate to receive a test report.

I didn’t like pencils any more at all, these things were too smooth for me.

You might put rubber foam or rubber caps on the pencils, but it might work differently as well.

The company Staedtler is known for their writing utensils of all kind.

They are offering a

rubberized pencil (type Noris Ergosoft)

which I think is very recommendable due to its grip.

With this one you might be able to write a love letter in ski gloves.

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