Worldwide App for Disabled Toilets!!!


One of the main issues for us wheelers is the question, where is the next disabled toilet.

As pedestrian it is hardly imaginable that trips into the wild have to be planned from loo to loo.

For many wheelers the question of the next toilet is rather the biggest handicap, and many don’t dare to leave home for this reason!!!

Ingenious…!!! Finally it is available, the

Worldwide Google Disabled Toilet Finder App

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There you can display worldwide with Google the nearest disabled toilet on the street map.

I know my hometown Frankfurt very well, but I would never have thought that there are so many disabled toilets in the city center.

This is awesome… Post, post, post…

Because this app or website is interactive as well you can also comment on the disabled toilets, if e.g. there is a narrow door, or add not known disabled toilets.

The option to display disabled parking places exists, but there have to be added some 1000 existing parking places.

I am asking all readers to make this website known:

Post the Link on Facebook, other social media,… or wherever:

or my blogpost:

Thanks in advance!!

I have found a similar website from a manufacturer of Australian public designer toilets for Australia and New Zealand:

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  1. Kurt says:

    also bis ich in Australien bin habe ich mir in die Hose gemacht…………..

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