Wheelchair Tuning Part XXXII


For me a dirty and squeaking wheelchair is an absolute NOGO…ehhh… NODRIVE…!!!

Even shoes are every now and then cleaned and injected with impregnation.

A wheelchair may also look nicely (see older blogpost).

Quite often the small plastic parts on the frame e.g. on the joint of a foldable wheelchair are the squeaking originators which are stressing my nerves a little.

Inject all moving parts with silicone spray*…!!!

Attention: If possible use silicone spray only outside, because if the silicone film gets on e.g. laminate this becomes so smooth that the next pedestrian can fall badly. Also use a mask over mouth and nose!!!! (see additional security advice below)

For wheelchair maintenance I recommend to clean the wheelchair beforehand with common cleaning agents. This may also happen more often than only before Christmas and Easter. At the same time you should also put oil or grease on the axes (see older blogpost).

Stainless steel cleanser is due to its lubricants not recommendable for footrest and hand rims, unless you would like to go downhill without braking the wheelchair.

Tips for hand rim covers click here

If the wheelchair is a bit more dirty only the car wash will help… ;-)

It is not my wheelchair which you can see on the picture above, but its brother, last shower about 2 years ago. If you have a closer look, the wheelchair is not dirty, but has a protective coat ;-)

I got stuck in the mud once in Austria with my wheelchair… to see the blogpost click here ;-)

But seriously, the guys from the car wash almost all have a steam blaster!!!

Security advice*:

Allegedly silicone vapours can accumulate in the lung. As a precaution you should use a mask or at least put a tissue on mouth and nose.

With a clean and de-squeaked wheelchair you can even go again to the opera :-)

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