Eigude Shame VI – Addendum


As described in my blogpost Eigude Shame VI (see older blogpost) it was then impossible to worm out of a

bottle of grease

the grease for my hand cycle chain because the hole was way too small. After extensive correspondence with the supplier I was sent a

bottle of oil

free of charge. The resemblance with the

bottle of grease

is misleading. I can’t imagine that such a renowned German company sells grease and oil in the same packaging. Probably it is a manufacturing error.
I still don’t know how I can get the grease out of the bottle, but instead I can now start looking for a

collection point for hazardous material

for the bottle of grease.
This could be the destination of my next hand cycle tour .

This stuff is really

hazardous material.

I should have been informed better upfront!

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