Simply Great! Part I


As already reported in blogpost Eigude Shame VII , the

“mirror socks” on my car

were stolen before the match Germany vs. England (4:1), and the German flag was broken off. An old friend of mine has fixed together with his girlfriend in a conspirative underground mission new

World Cup mirror socks

to my car.
Great mission. Thanks again to both of you!
Probably my mate now has his upper body full of welts like a galley slave as I was forced due to lack of parking space to park very, very close to a hedge. Such a guy from German disaster relief can’t be stopped by anything.

Everything just in time before the friendly match against Argentina.

Germany – Argentina 4:0

God is no Argentinian after all.
Bye-bye Maradonna, have a good flight, handballer!

Semi-final, go Germany…
(Behind me is not my mentioned mate).

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