Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XXVI

As I mentioned on my front page I have a considerable big database with technical aids of all kind.

From exploded drawings of wheelchairs via seat cushions, car steering systems, up to a luxury bath robe for wheelchair users
(whoever needs it).

Each concerned person can get this information from me for free.

I also give advice for free when you need technical aids, the existing parts are falling apart again or don’t work otherwise.

There is a database in the internet, called Rehadat.

It is an official information system for vocational rehabilitation.

There you will find many useful information, including

22600 technical aids

technical aids for fairly all needs, with medical device number!

(In the English version it is possible to search the databases on Technical Aids, Case Studies, Addresses, Research and Literature. A search in all eight databases is only possible in the German version.)

I will be pleased to help you on how you will get the selected parts, or if you have questions concerning the parts.

Caution, highly addictive! If you find something cool please send an e-mail.

Translator BL

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