Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XXXIII

A very well-known wheelchair hotel is the

“Mar y Sol”

on Tenerife.

Everything accessible, 2 pools with lifters, a store for medical supply next door, etc.

Everything great, apart from one little thing:

Tenerife is a volcano island, and the hotel is on top of a hill, fantastic…!
A Paralympics participant might be able to conquer this mountain by himself, but not me, never ever.

Many hotel guests bring their own electric wheelchairs from Germany which often become victims of the airlines, or they rent a scooter during their stay.
I once got the tip when I am down at the beach and would like to go up to the hotel again, to wait for the next electric wheelchair driver and tow myself on to him.

Well, I didn’t rent a scooter, but already for the second time a wheelchair tractive.

I already reported in October 2010 about my positive experience with this tractive type:


(see older blogpost).

By coincidence I got the offer in Tenerife to buy a Trac in black, even fitting my wheelchair colour.

I could not resist and acquired my approximately 10 year old, new toy.

The re-import of the once in Germany produced Minitrac from Spain was a little bit difficult.
At the check-in at Tenerife airport, a slightly panic flight passenger broke off the steering linkage. The thing was fairly crashed.

In Frankfurt my own wheelchair was damaged as well so that I could not ride it on my own because the wheel was rubbing at the brake.

With all the luggage and a little overstrained lady from the airport handicapped service it was a perfect mess.

Without the help of my wife I probably would still be standing in Terminal 1.

After a first repair of the steering linkage of the Minitrac and a set of new batteries the first rides in Frankfurt could be made.

This thing rides only with 6 km/h, therefore doesn’t need a license plate and doesn’t have any constraints from the technical control association.
Some ideas come to my mind immediately what could be changed . ;-)
Wait and see…

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