Eigude Shame XVII


Yesterday I had to fill the holes in my purse, I was in need for cash.

Because ATMs are extremely inconvenient for quadriplegics, I don’t get the bucks out of the machine with my fingers, my wife fortunately takes over.

In front of the bank, supermarket and bakery recently a spacious parking lot was built with additionally 4 disabled parking places.

I dared to park on one of those 4 parking places, although I remained sitting in the car and thus could have used a regular parking place.

On the disabled parking place next to mine there was this poser car with high-gloss polished alloy rims.
A bit unusual for us foot-lame people, but you never know…

Along came a girl in her early twenties with a shopping trolley and started to load her groceries in the trunk of that car – which didn’t match her at all.

I approached her in a friendly manner that I didn’t like “that” at all.

She replied that she would be paying for it…
I interpreted it in that way that she wouldn’t have difficulties to pay the parking tickets.

Should we introduce 35 € parkometers for extra large parking places???

I told her that this would not be the reason, and we wheelchair users would need the space for getting in and out of the car.

She replied:

• She couldn’t park!

• We men couldn’t understand this!

• Her husband wouldn’t let her drive the car,

• only for the groceries!

My comment:

Practice, practice, practice…

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