Football Women’s World Cup Part I


Germany – Nigeria 1:0

I could actually get hold of one of the 100 wheelchair tickets for the stadium.

In total almost 50.000 people fit in the Frankfurt stadium. I consider the contingent of 100 wheelchair places as much too high. Thus you get the admission tickets quasi imposed so that not so many places remain vacant. Ho, ho, ho…

In the preparation I was yet surprised that I received together with the admission ticket a parking permit as well. Look at that:

I am standing with my car directly in front of the

main entrance of the stadium!!!

Ok, the actual match was, let’s call it “valuable”, didn’t have the highest standard in football terms, but the whole event was an experience.

I think I got somewhere some orange tickets lying around…

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One Response to “Football Women’s World Cup Part I”

  1. rolling robo says:

    Wenn das Spiel schon in Frankfurt stattfindet, dann kann es nur einen einzigen Ort auf der Welt geben, an dem du an dem Tag bist. Ich habs nur im Fernsehen gesehen, die Stimmung im Stadion live muss der Hammer gewesen sein.

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