Who doesn’t ask remains unknowing!!!


Today’s question for you:

Between these X-rays lies a period of 3,5 weeks.
I can see a little change and I don’t currently mind if my right leg is standing 2 mm shorter on the footrest of my wheelchair. But don’t you think as well that it is “going” a bit too slow???

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As Game Knuckle (from an African Oryx antelope)

I know the bone structure quite well.

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2 Responses to “Who doesn’t ask remains unknowing!!!”

  1. Kurt says:

    unter Anwendung dieses Hilfsmittels können erhebliche Verbesserungen erreicht werden


  2. Rollinator says:

    Nette Idee mit den “Ty-Raps” , da muss ich mal in mich “gehen”!!!

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