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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks Part XLX

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012


As a man you have already evolutionary determined a technical gene. What was in Stone Age the then high tech marble stone axe with polished oak wood grip, is today the 60 inch 3D television with Dolby 16:1. The new shooter console is probably more modern than everything what the German army owns, and of course not to forget the refrigerator with WiFi and integrated ice cube dispenser where you can pre-select the shape of the ice cubes directly with the tablet PC from the couch from an individual CAD file.
In the end it is very simple, if the man is not capable to do he calls for technology…!!!
I am not alluding to the bedroom.

Subject today: Golf!!!

Except that I drove a VW Golf for 12 years I didn’t have much to do with the lawn sport of the same name, I was once playing hockey.

If you are not able to stand any more as wheeler the shot at the club house on the golf court can get a bit difficult. The variant that 2 strong caddies lift you up for each shot seems possible, but I think that the guys will slightly flag after the 12th hole. So technology is called again. For this case there is the


The Powergolfer is a well motorised, very flexible electric scooter with a stand-up fuction, similar to my standing chair (see older blogpost).

You are buckled up with legs and belly, beamed up until standing, and hits on the innocent golf ball like all the others.

Here the constructor explains in person how this is working.
Unfortunately I could not undergo a self test due to my broken leg not healed yet. I was nevertheless convinced. It is a great technical aid for golfing wheelchair users.

The Powergolfer is also available with small modifications as I call it Powerfisher. However successful draughts of fish cannot be guaranteed.

In the integrated trunk there is enough space for a tool kit, with which the Powergolfer also turns into a wheelchair service vehicle. The hand bar on the side, pimped with a golf ball, is also usable as mounting and repair hammer.

Because of the standing function of the Powergolfer I had to finally surrender after a hard fight in the direct battle with my Minitrac.

On my inquiry if the Powergolfer would also be available with sickle bar I got the answer if I would like to have it… nothing seems impossible!!!

More information and video under

I doubt that the health insurance will cover the acquisition costs of the golf wheelchair, but for next birthday present, why not… ;-)

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Quadriplegic Tips XVII

Monday, November 22nd, 2010


I am totally convinced that I own the coolest

Floss dispenser

of all times.
Manfred the fisherman motivates me every morning anew to do something meaningful with the day, provided that you define the “nonsense” that I permanently produce as meaningful.
Everything is to my opinion more meaningful than to sit on the couch and wait with the PS2 plastic fishing rod that the fish virtually bites the bait on TV. (No joke, see older blogpost).

Well, if the fish is delicious!

Back to the floss. The usage of floss in traditional technique leads with my light-fingeredness, with the emphasis on “light”, inevitably to undesired self-bondages and strangulations.

There are these little flossers with which you have to watch out that you don’t swallow them. According to latest rumours the new floss holder with integrated span mechanism and rubberized grip handle of the brand GUM:

Floss holder type Flosbrush

looks exactly like the strange thing which is lying on my table since the last midsummer. The engineer was probably quadriplegic. This great part is not available at German retailers.
But ask your dentist or druid on the corner (pharmacy) if they can order such a thing. The old model doesn’t have a span mechanism yet, but is also good to handle. The new one will be launched in the next weeks.

I don’t know yet how much it will cost.

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Wheelchair Tuning Part XIX Competitor

Monday, November 8th, 2010


In the land of opportunity I have discovered it.

The chain-drive

Off-Road Wheelchair, Type: Renegade.

Whether on sand, snow, dirt road or creek bed, with this hell of a chair you get through almost every terrain.

Unbelievable, but true, watch the VIDEOS.
The wheelchair has a 7 gear hub in the driving wheels.

It has winter accessories, with

snow chains, blades

and a

snow shovel,

to clear the gateway from snow. The

fishing rod holder

is rather funny I think, but the

gun holder

beats almost everything I have seen so far.

The price is fair, the basic model is available as of 4500$.

One time with this thing through the city of Frankfurt!!!
If the gun has a medical device number?

Source: Renegade USA

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks VII

Thursday, April 1st, 2010


As self-confessed hobbit with 1,38 m total height forehead top sitting in the wheelchair you have to confess every now and then that the upward reach is a little limited.
My well-tried

key hooks

suddenly have a perceived height of 2,10 m after my accident.
If you aren’t a friend of the fishing sport then taking down the keys turns out to be a bit tedious and can be dangerous.
The usage of safety glasses and helmet is mandatory.

Yellow North European Furniture Elks

are offering a

magnet holder for kitchen knives,

which I have declared as

vertical magnet key holder.

Watch out, there are two types.
One of the holders just succeeds to prevent a paper clip from falling down.

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Quadriplegic Tips Part VIII

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009


It is in the nature of the quadriplegics that we are spreading chaos all the time. Paper is lying around everywhere. To file the paper piles reasonably I am introducing the world’s first:

tie wrap fishing hanging files

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Jammer, Jammer, Jammer

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Ich musste im Krankenhaus erleben, dass der eine
Rollifahrer nach seinem nächsten Morphiumpflaster
Ein anderer spielte von Morgens bis spät in die Nacht
Computer und ein dritter sitzt im Winter mit
einer Plastikangel zu Hause vor dem Fernseher und
wartet, bis der Fisch anbeiĂźt
(kein Scherz: Angeln 2008 für PS2). Diesen


hat mir meine Frau mit dem Kommentar ins Bad im Krankenhaus gestellt:

Es ist egal was Du machst wenn Du wieder zu Hause bist,
aber mach was und geangelt wird nicht

Vergeudet nicht eure Zeit mit jammern, sonst erzähl ich
euch ein bisschen was, oder besucht einmal eine
RĂĽckenmarksstation im Krankenhaus.
Mindestaufenthaltsdauer 6 Monate ohne Reha.

Genießt den „Aufrechten Gang“ und fahrt keine
Japanischen Autos.
Alles Schrott wenn es mal darauf ankommt.