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A wonderful day!!!

Saturday, December 17th, 2011


The day before yesterday I went to have an x-ray of my

Fracture of the shin-bone

Yet there was a vacant parking place for disabled persons.
Next to my car a minibus was parking. If you want or if you don`t, automatically you take a look at the windscreen and you search for the

“blue parking permit”

(blue-coloured parking permit for disabled people)

What a pity, like very often a driver forgot to place the parking permission. Ho, ho, ho… I do believe in Santa Clause again!!
Just as I got off my car, and was sitting in my wheelchair, a lady came on foot in a distance of 30 meters in my direction.
I spent my loveliest and a bit malicious grin to the lady.
I really don`t understand it completely myself, but this lady didn’t have her best day this day. First she harassed the sliding door of the bus, then she jumped on to the driver’s seat, went into reverse gear and then attack…
The sad aspect in this story was, that a few meters behind her instead of me there was a not to be scoffed concrete pillar. She managed to nudge it to the ground nearly. My grin spread much wider when she repeated this action for a second time. ;-)
My new friend, this

concrete pillar

Her front bumper now looks a bit like a cat scratch pole.
She’ll ever remember this parking place for disabled.

Fracture of shin-bone

My fracture from September 4th slowly heals up – anyway, my day was saved.

Translator Teo


Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Meine HaustĂĽrblumenrampe wurde aus 2 Kubikmeter Beton mit reichlich Eisen aus einem StĂĽck gegossen!
Böse Zungen behaupten, die Rampe sichert das Haus gegen Diebstahl ab.

Lasst Blumen blĂĽhen!!!

Die Blumen hat meine Nachbarin gepflanzt.

Schick oder?