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Perceived two hundredth handicap parking story

Monday, March 5th, 2012

One of my regularly visited supermarkets is the HTI and the do-it-yourself-store IBO (or something like that…), with a big shared underground parking lot.

There was not a single designated disabled parking place, so that I made it to my “mission” to change it over the years and to go on people’s nerves a little bit.

You don’t make yourself necessarily popular in a highly frequented parking lot if you put your car on two parking places at the same time. Then you quickly have a nice modern stripe pattern from a key in your car paint, or you are declared to be a woman.

A service counter in a supermarket is something quite nice.

Since 2009 I am asking every couple of months, how about a disable parking spot down there?

Exceptionally I didn’t take out the big “cudgel” but started the project “let’s see who has the greater staying power” with an inner smile.
I was irritated a little by the permanently changing staff at the service counter, I always heard that there was something in progress… the facility manager etc…!!

Last time the service clerk immediately got her boss, she remembered a wheeler with the same request.

About a year ago I incited a rolling fellow whom I met in this parking lot to bother the service staff as well a little bit.

When the boss came he told me he knew the problem, there were difficulties with the owner because designated disabled parking places would decrease the total amount of parking places in this underground parking lot.
Yeah, sure, I wanted to leave the cudgel in the sack and didn’t want to talk about laws and directives.

I already kept an eye on a special parking place all the time.

The boss immediately liked the idea to declare this parking place to a disabled parking place and wanted to take care of it.
Well, let’s wait and see, I’ll be back ;-)

On Friday I was again in this underground parking lot after around five weeks and was happy to have found quickly a suitable parking place.

After the groceries I took a photo of the possible future disabled parking place.

When I took a closer look to the pictures on my PC yesterday I almost couldn’t believe it, there is actually a wheelchair symbol hanging on the wall.

I couldn’t see a floor labelling, but we are starting from scratch. I am curious if I will have the pleasure to park on this VIP parking place this year, or if I only get upset about disabled parking place occupiers.

I keep you up to date!!!

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Eigude Shame XVII

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Yesterday I had to fill the holes in my purse, I was in need for cash.

Because ATMs are extremely inconvenient for quadriplegics, I don’t get the bucks out of the machine with my fingers, my wife fortunately takes over.

In front of the bank, supermarket and bakery recently a spacious parking lot was built with additionally 4 disabled parking places.

I dared to park on one of those 4 parking places, although I remained sitting in the car and thus could have used a regular parking place.

On the disabled parking place next to mine there was this poser car with high-gloss polished alloy rims.
A bit unusual for us foot-lame people, but you never know…

Along came a girl in her early twenties with a shopping trolley and started to load her groceries in the trunk of that car – which didn’t match her at all.

I approached her in a friendly manner that I didn’t like “that” at all.

She replied that she would be paying for it…
I interpreted it in that way that she wouldn’t have difficulties to pay the parking tickets.

Should we introduce 35 € parkometers for extra large parking places???

I told her that this would not be the reason, and we wheelchair users would need the space for getting in and out of the car.

She replied:

• She couldn’t park!

• We men couldn’t understand this!

• Her husband wouldn’t let her drive the car,

• only for the groceries!

My comment:

Practice, practice, practice…

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Simply Great Part IV

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

What you need as wheelchair user is the patience of others, everything is “going” a little slower, and much space, always and everywhere.

Everybody who already stood in a changing room of a department store knows how “big” these rooms are.

Such a changing room in general is wheelchair friendly.
You can access it without barriers and it doesn’t have doors either.

Ok, you can’t turn around either, the coat hooks are mounted a little too high, stool or bench are standing in your way, but apart from that it’s quite cozy inside.

Although it is hardly possible to try on clothes inside, it is perfectly suitable for a little nap.

Actually somebody from a large green department store chain has given some thoughts and has built a

Wheelchair Changing Room

in Frankfurt. I don’t know if it is the only one.
The description

extra large

is not overstated.

Great thing!!!

The space in this room is so gigantic that you almost need a GPS to find the exit again.

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Crazy Flash V

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

The most odd stories happen to us wheelers.
Here is a great story from… let’s call her Maria:

Yesterday at the groceries:

In our shopping center there is a big supermarket,
nice staff, very helpful.
Regularly trainees at the counter who are asking
if they may pack your groceries.

I am rolling through the cashier with a

big water melon

(I could live on these tasty things, yummy!)
and a


I pay, everything alright.

Then the question of the ca. 18-year-old trainee:

“Are you OK, or shall I pop it in for you?”

I am looking at the melon and the zucchini and alternately at him…
…laughed myself into stitches… and answer:

“Neither one nor the other, thanks.”

But you may pack the melon and the zucchini into the net behind my back.

With such friendly staff you are happy to come back!

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Wheelchair Shopping Trolley

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010