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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XXXI

Friday, October 11th, 2013


It doesn’t always have to be the large items such as a wheelchair, wheeled walker, or a leg trainer that should be told about.

Often it’s the simple things that take care of business!

Like when your roommate or you yourself snores, that can quickly lead to disputes.

Apparently I have a nighttime job as a lumberjack, so I even went to sleep laboratory, where they prescribed me a CPAP-device + nasal pillow.

With that mask, I don’t mean the standard sleeping mask type : “I AM YOUR FATHER “, (see older blogpost).

Now my roommates are happy campers, as long as I behave and wear my mask.

During impatient care in more-people bedrooms I’ve heard of piss-bottles flying through the room if the noise-level was elevated after 10 P.M.

Past spring I had an almost 94-year old :Geriatrix (the real old guy from the Asterix comics) laying next to me. His breathing activities sounded like an engine start of a a Ju 52/3*.

Someone gave me a hint about some

earplugs by the brand named Alpine, called ” SleepSoft”

So far I have only heard of Alpine as a high quality brand of car stereos with lots of base. They used to be so popular under thieves, that they professionally extracted it after 6 weeks out of my VW… dammit!!!

The special thing about these earplugs is, that they have a tube in the center of them, so you don’t hear the snoring of your neighbour anymore, but you are still able to talk about quantum physics with the night nurse.

So they are eliminating the snoring frequencies, but too bad that you can still hear the alarm clock and there is no chance against the nurses wake-up call anyways.

They have several different types of earplugs, for whatever fits your needs.
For sleeping, swimming, music or hunting, all available.

I even tried them out in a suicide attempt during a concert. Pre-band:


one of the most silent Metal bands out there…if you want to believe me… ;-)

and then…


These earplugs definitely passed the hardcore-metal concert test and the four week old fart snoring action with decoration.

What an awesome concert; for that I even used a GPS and drove to the Offenbach ** town hall without applying for a Visa first.

Lemmy definitely doesn’t count to the mellow music category. ;-)

* 3-engine propeller plane from 1932

** People from Frankfurt and Offenbach don’t like each other (similar to Greenbay Packers and New England Patriot fans)

Translator Chris


Pontoon Bridge over the Mainriver

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

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