Quadriplegic Tips XI

I have decided to occupy myself with



Basically I don’t have anything against shoes, but I have entered the fray against the fastening laces.


are getting me to the edge of reason, or it is already getting dark when I start tying them after breakfast.

I admire each quadriplegic who manages this in spite of a limited hand function.
It would be an option to switch to shoes with velcro tape.
But there is insufficient choice with my

flat splay drop feet.

An excellent option are special shoelaces which are nothing different than a

spiral round elastic band,

which is holding the shoe together.
I call them

idler shoelaces.

They are available in white, black, blue and brown, but also as shoelaces fake with even a bow on it.

Source of supply Link: Reha Handel

Now it is about time to consult my psychologist!
I am showing off my feet/shoes to the world.
Let’s see when it’s the turn of the next extremities.

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