Chock XI


I am used to quite a bit as wheeler and am usually under the impression that nothing can really distract me. Now it’s about time again.

Good that I can’t run out of my flat screaming loudly.

If you once listen closely you get really aware how often it is “beeping” in one day from somewhere.

There is the beep for critical program termination of Windows, the dead battery of a mobile or wireless phone, a new e-mail, or the washing machine or tumble dryer asks to peg out the laundry immediately.

The egg boiler declares the eggs suitable for Easter, the garbage truck is somehow always beeping, everybody knows about the light still “on” at a car, and when backing with your own car the beeping sound is only predominated by the sound of the back light when you are driving against a road sign.

Additionally I can offer my deep freezer with extremely loud changing beep if it feels too warm, and my standing chair (see older blogpost), when its batteries are dead.

Even the well-known primary school bell now has a “beep, beep”.

Furthermore we don’t want to forget the phone beep for a call, SMS, MMS, WKW, Facebook and the 1000 hertz which the microwave produces when the Ravioli are hot, etc. etc. …

With all the beeping you don’t even notice when your own body is beeping. Eh…

This morning 08:46 h I got for the first time aware of a beeping sound in my bedroom. First I had one of my beloved smoke detectors under suspicion which friendly, but determining call attention for a battery exchange.

For those who are now finally of the opinion that the Rollinator should go into drug rehab should be said that my body at the moment produces every two hours an about 2 seconds long beep, type “Meeehp!!!” in absolutely fine surround sound. I would even hear it naked alone in the sauna.

The answer is quite simple:

My medication pump implanted in my belly is running low on “fuel”!!!

(see older blogpost)

My alarm day was recorded incorrectly in my PC. I would have an appointment at my doctor on Thursday to refill my pump which currently doesn’t really help me on!!!
According to my records my pump is supposed to be beeping since three days.

I’m curious if I can find a kind filling station… ehhh… doctor tomorrow!

Fill ‘er up 600 €

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3 Responses to “Chock XI”

  1. Rollingrobo says:

    Jetzt dĂĽrfen wir wenigstens ungestraft behaupten, dass es bei dir piept, gell?

  2. Rollinator says:

    Und wie…

    Doc hat mich zurĂĽckgerufen “Piepsen” mindestes bis Dienstag, wir haben heute Sonntag, aber

    längstens bis Donnerstag ;-)

  3. Kurt says:

    sollte ich mit einer Gegenschall -Anlage vorbeikommen ?

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