Handicap Parking Part II

Wonders will never cease!

Addendum to blogpost Handicap Parking Part I from 02.02.10
(see older blogpost)

Upon enquiry at the road traffic department they explained that
in spite of the signs

Absolute stopping restriction

I am allowed to park my car on the

disabled parking place designated for me even without handicap label.

In the meantime my disabled parking permit expired.
Hardly to believe, isn’t it? Once again the whole administration work.

When my car stood on my parking place the first 2 days in the year 2010 the storm hit us beginning of March!!!
My two favourite signs fell over and missed my car by around 10 cm.
That was close…
In retrospect:
The sign could have hit a car of my neighbours who always kept my parking place dry.

On Friday 19.03.2010 my parking place was finally labelled.

I would like to point out that I don’t blame the road traffic department of Frankfurt.

I will keep you posted about the number of the future compulsory relocated cars away from my disabled parking place.

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