„News from the Rollinator (Wheelinator)“

Tips for wheelchair drivers, buckled fingers and other pedestrians

Odd wheelchair stories and technical aids consulting service for free.

Eigude (Howdy),

when you, sitting in a wheelchair, have left the hospital or the rehab the drama begins. You are left on your own, and everybody has to re-invent the wheel to manage everyday life. Therefore this blog with a lot of tips and tricks.

Send me your hints, take photos, leave comments and discuss with us!!!

If you can’t tell anything wise belonging a subject, at least you have to create confusion. ;-)

I can’t press a clothespin, but I can drive a car.

There are no problems, there are just challenges and a big challenge is a project.

Never say die if something doesn’t work out immediately, don’t take it too serious, it’s all occupational therapy!

In October 2007 I sustained a traffic accident. After eleven months in a hospital I was released, and since then I belong to the

elitist company of the frequent drivers

How is it „going“, click me! (jokes in german)

Type: Quadriplegic (Tetraplegic/”Teddy”) C4-C7 incomplete, some titan plates in the neck and a pump for medicals in my belly. Release September 17th 2008

Into the wild, now the going gets tough!!!

I have got a tremendous technical aids database.

If you have questions concerning technical aids or other topics don’t hesitate to send me an eMail.

To „un-clatter“ wheelchairs is my favourite hobby.

I am technical aids-marred, advice for free!!!

Teddy Regards, Rollinator Contact: rollinator@eigude.de *Eigude, hessian dialect for hello; hi, howdy… p;

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