Eigude Shame XIX


Everybody who lives in the city and has moved houses once knows about the big difficulty where to park the moving truck???

Normal car parking places are scarce anyway.

The blocking of perceived parking places with chairs and trash cans is rarely working.

Somebody could use the chairs, and for a parking place in the city center even a Yuppie with an Audi TT will push a trash can aside.

In Frankfurt we have a service where you inform the city when you would like to move.

The city then places official parking prohibition signs so that the moving truck has a suitable parking place.

I assume that illegally parking cars will be towed away.
So you have at least a real chance for a parking place on your moving day!!!

The guys who have set up this sign should be tied to the sign and ‚Äúshowered‚ÄĚ with old vegetables!

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2 Responses to “Eigude Shame XIX”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Da passt Du doch locker mit deinem Rolli durch. Und wenn dann der M√∂belwagen da steht und den B√ľrgersteig blockt biste wieder am knoddern.

  2. Rollinator says:

    Auf der rechten Seite ist der “R√ľckw√§rtssalto” Programm!!!

    Das ist steil und ne Kuhle… die Perspektive t√§ucht.

    Wenn ich

    “Aaron Fotheringham”

    w√§re, w√ľrd ich das Schild wahrscheinlich als Sprungbrett nutzen!!!


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