Wheelchair Tuning Part VI (Competitor)


It is no secret that I am constantly “tailoring” my wheelchair.
But even I am surprised about what my fellow wheelers are developing.

Wheelchair 24 carat gold-plated with dollar signs as spokes!

With this one “50 Cent” is pushed through the Bronx after a leg fracture!

Source Colours Wheelchair

How about this tank wheelchair with chain-drive!

Pedestrians have respect immediately, and the human crowd separates at a street fair like once Moses parted the sea.

Source TC Mobility www.tankchair.net

The army wheelchair for the Middle East mission.

The arms were not permitted to be shown.

My personal highlight, the donated

Indian Low Budget Wheelchair

of the world-wide operating organisation free wheelchair mission

Look closely, it has brake handle extensions.
This is no fake!

Translator BL

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