Eigude Shame XXI

Thursday evening it was time again; the weather god decided that it was about time to extensively wash the cars.

When I eventually arrived home with my car I noticed with pleasure that a van was standing on my personal parking place and kept the tagged disabled symbol dry.

I stopped with my car on the street in the restricted parking area and took some photos first. Then I wanted to call my wife in the flat to plan the next “steps”.

Suddenly I heard a distinct Yeeessss…!!!

A nice lady in blue uniform from the Frankfurt city police was standing next to my driver’s door and probably wanted to point out that my parking place was maybe somehow inappropriate.

I replied with a Yeeesss… as well and pointed out to the lady that my personalized parking place was currently not available, but apparently a note was lying inside the front screen.

The lady immediately took care of the challenge (I have cancelled the word “problem” from my vocabulary already some years ago).

The note read as follows:

I am pregnant!!!

… and a mobile phone number.

The lady from the city police – and her blood pressure seemed to rise as well – let her head office call the number.

Her comment: I am working for the city and not for the telecom!!!

Then she issued a 35 € disabled parking place special use rent ticket.

When she came to me and told me that the call was rejected when calling the disabled parking place occupier we decided jointly to tow away the car!!!

Just before the tow truck was called the lady with the supposed future earth-dweller came back to her car and had to pick up a blow-up from the lady in uniform first. I stayed really calm this time, which has not always been the case (see older blogpost) and just asked the lady how I should have read her note up on the dashboard of her van.

Thereupon the reply: You are right… oh well…!!!

When the bus driver departed I heard the following comment from my new friend:

Pregnancy is a condition and not a sickness.

Let alone a handicap!!!

If labour would have begun early I would possibly still sit in the car in the rain.

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4 Responses to “Eigude Shame XXI”

  1. kurt 说道:

    du solltest es echt mal mit Bücher schreiben versuchen……und das ist kein Witz !

  2. Rollinator 说道:

    Wenn alles klappt, “stehe” ich nächstes Jahr auf der Comedybühne ;-)

  3. Irgendwie glauben die Leute immer das wären Kurzzeitparkplätze….
    besonders bei Regen…
    sei es nun vor’m BurgerKing oder vor’m Supermarkt…..
    aber auf einem personalisierten Parkplatz das Auto zu Parken
    (wenn man bloss hält und noch jemand drinsitzt, der bei Bedarf schnell den Park-Platz räumen kann wollen wir ja garnix sagen) ist ja dreist.
    Immerhin hatte sie die Nummer hinterlegt, das ist schonmal ansatzweise mitgedacht .

  4. Holger 说道:

    Bei uns im Haus ist ein Kinderarzt. Die Leute die da ihre Kinder hinbringen stehen auch immer auf unserem Behinderten-Parkplatz. Na ja, die Stadt Köln kann jede Einnahmen brauchen. Die Nummer vom Ordnungsamt habe ich im Handy gespeichert …

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