Technical Aids for Quadriplegics Part XI


Around 30 years ago I tried to learn to play guitar.

The success was so limited that I put the career aspiration to be a professional musician on hold for an indefinite period.

As mentioned already several times, my finger function is very limited since my accident so that playing the guitar was not necessarily on my priority list.

Many quadriplegics like me with our cervical spine injuries have difficulties with gripping.

Therefore it was so much surprising when Mary from Scotland (quadriplegic as well) showed me her self-constructed

guitar plectrum holder.

When she told me that in spite of her handicap she is able again to strum around on her guitar her eyes were sparkling.

A really great idea, we need more of these.

Tips as usual to contact:

Click here on “Quadriplegic Tips”, to read other tips!!!

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