Wheelchair Tuning Part VIII (Hand cycle)


This winter during snow drift I have bought a

run-in hand cycle

(see older blogpost).

The main reason was probably my guilty conscience after I stood with my wheelchair on a platform laundry scale. I can eat whatever I want, the wheelchair is getting more and more heavy ;-)

The bike was auctioned for charity. The proceeds should be used to purchase a horse!

Swapping “donkey on wheels” for therapy pony!

This is really true, donations are still accepted.
The bike was allowed to have a rest in my cellar after the long journey from the north.
It was run-in so well that around 200 gram unnecessary

dead weight in screws and nuts

were thrown off in the last years and thus missing.

The driving noise

was probably planned that loud for safety reasons so that you are heard by the other traffic participants, like a fire engine on duty.

The bike chain

reminded of a hammock and was as dry as the Namib desert. (I haven’t been to the Gobi desert yet.)

The universal fastener,

with which the hand cycle is adjusted to the particular wheelchair, was locked with two high-quality steel weld seams, so that the adjustment to my wheelchair was made a little more difficult than planned.
The person who welded the fastener knew what he was doing and is probably working in the shipbuilding in a dockyard. The weld seams were bombproof…

The original handles and gear shift

have been adjusted by some friends for me so that I can use them with my buckled fingers and hands.
I could have used the original special handles only limited, they cost 230 € and I didn’t like them anyway.

The rack

was additionally mounted with two small

iron plates

of around 10 cm length to keep it up horizontally.
My mate calls such constructions usually:

Russian-style: Looking sh…, but working well.

Why the previous owner didn’t take the provided clamps from the rack and turned them around will remain his secret.
Now I can take on with any granny at the

Rollator race.

Equal opportunities at last!!!

As you can see my pot belly still didn’t get smaller, but I keep you posted!

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