Wheelchair Tuning Part XXXVIII


It is rumoured that I am a bit like a woman with a quirk for shoes with my collection of various wheelchair tyres.

Well… ok, I confess guilty… see older blogpost concerning the subject wheelchair tyres !!!

It is difficult to explain to a pedestrian how much the driving characteristics of a wheelchair can change if you only change the tyres. Plus according to my opinion a wheelchair may also look nice.

The wheelchair mirrors a bit the soul of the driver!

Show me the wheelchair, and I prepare a complete psychological profile of the owner.

You need the right tyre for each occasion, or would you go into the opera with hiking boots… ehhh… mountainbike tyres???

I was somehow missing such an opera tyre…

Like girls fancy pink and bling-bling, boys have always been crazy about chrome.

Of course I have this Y-Chrome-osome as well.

When I saw in the depths of the internet this blinking wheelchair tyre with more than 140 spokes

and the mighty racing nut in the middle I immediately had to think of James Bond and his Aston Martin DB05 from Goldfinger and Thunderball.

Source: jamesbond.wikia.com

My second thought was, these wheels with their white sidewall tyres want to be put on my wheelchair quickly.

I think they look great, the chrome trims on the dress guard were there before. The blue steering forks will of course be exchanged.

What do you think, a chrome radiator grill between the legs is already under discussion ;-)

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3 Responses to “Wheelchair Tuning Part XXXVIII”

  1. Sammy says:

    jetzt verchromst du noch die blauen Lenkgabeln (oder polieren lassen da wahrscheinlich ja Alu) und du kannst in der Oper wohnen ;)

  2. Hallo Steffen,

    sehen absolut klasse aus!

    √úbrigens zu deiner Frage: Wir k√∂nnen unsere Speichensch√ľtzer so bedrucken, dass man auch innen im Speichenschutz das Motiv sieht.

    Gruß Steffen

  3. Jo says:

    Wow… Superscharfe Teile… Ich mache dann mal einen neuen Termin f√ľr die Oper… Fehlt jetzt nur noch ein Smoking… ;-)

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