Wheelchair Petrol Station


As you probably have noticed I am sometimes almost a professional complainer. One forgets to mention positively when lifts are available, curbs are lowered, or if someone really thought ahead.
Everyone can imagine that it is extremely inconvenient when you as a wheelchair driver are alone in your car, you lack of petrol and need to refuel.
The big company with the

Yellow Shell

has nicely enough re-established since a couple of years the

classic petrol station attendant

Fuel, air, water, oil and payment are “going” without saying. It is always quite funny when I roll to the station without car and want to get the air pressure of my wheelchair tyres checked.

The petrol company with the

“five legged, water shooting, black dog”

is offering a special

wheelchair service!

Sticker text: “We help – please honk!”

Here you can enjoy honking.

An error has crept into the picture, the chips cost 1,42 ‚ā¨.

Translator BL

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One Response to “Wheelchair Petrol Station”

  1. rolling robo says:

    Hallo, lieber Rollinator,

    die Total (ausnahmsweise sei mir die schleichende Werbung gestattet) hat auf ihren Zapfs√§ulen die Telefonnummer der jeweiligen Tanke auf einem Sticker mit der Aufschrift: “Ich helfe gerne”.
    Ich hab die in meiner Gegend im Kurzwahlspeicher.
    Anrufen, ich bin Rollifahrer, schon kommt jemand raus.

    Hupen ist nat√ľrlich deutlich billiger und definitiv “teddyfreundlicher”…

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