Disabled Parking Permit


Since I belong to the users of

disabled parking places

I have noticed that very often the drivers of

SUVs and Cabriolets

forget to lay out their parking permit if they park on a disabled parking place. I don’t want to accuse anybody of the intent to park unauthorized on these parking places, only out of laziness, or because they can’t park, but I am always a bit astonished. The width of the parking places makes sense if you transfer from wheelchair to car, and the door has to be opened completely.

A friend of mine, wheelchair user as well, is driving a SUV, a Jeep Commander with 7 seats. It’s always an experience to watch him jumping in and out of his car.
He has always laid out his parking permit.

Free disabled parking places are scarce!!!

Every now and then I find a free one.

Here next to the “Old Opera” in Frankfurt

When I was at the opera “Aida” in Bregenz (Austria)

at the lakeside stage at Lake Constance I got hold of the last disabled parking place.
There was actually parking a

BMW Cabriolet

with a

disabled parking permit valid in California

and this with a

license plate from Vienna

behind me on one of the 6 disabled parking places.

I would have liked to meet the driver!!!

If he would have been American he probably would have hung the parking permit – as it is common in the USA – on the inside mirror. Thus the form like a door hanger in a hotel.

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One Response to “Disabled Parking Permit”

  1. Rolling Robo says:

    In allen möglichen Blogs und Foren wird beratschlagt, wie man BPBs (BehindertenParkplatzBlockierer) behandeln soll. Von Abschleppen über Prügelschtrafe, Teeren und Federn bis hin zum Kielholen (mitten in Frankfurt?) kommen da die tollsten Ideen. Warum denn nicht mal was Sinnvolles?
    Ich finde, da könnte man doch den Tierversuchsgegnern eine Lanze brechen und die Versuchslabors mit BPBs versorgen. Die halten auch viel mehr aus als Mäuse. Gerade in der Kosmetikindustrie. Ein einziger BPB hat doch bestimmt mehr Fläche als 500 Mäuse.
    Und Fell müsste man auch keins rasieren – meistens.
    Das wärs doch, hat jemand die Nummer von Greenpeace?

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