Quadriplegic Tips XVII

I am totally convinced that I own the coolest

Floss dispenser

of all times.
Manfred the fisherman motivates me every morning anew to do something meaningful with the day, provided that you define the “nonsense” that I permanently produce as meaningful.
Everything is to my opinion more meaningful than to sit on the couch and wait with the PS2 plastic fishing rod that the fish virtually bites the bait on TV. (No joke, see older blogpost).

Well, if the fish is delicious!

Back to the floss. The usage of floss in traditional technique leads with my light-fingeredness, with the emphasis on “light”, inevitably to undesired self-bondages and strangulations.

There are these little flossers with which you have to watch out that you don’t swallow them. According to latest rumours the new floss holder with integrated span mechanism and rubberized grip handle of the brand GUM:

Floss holder type Flosbrush

looks exactly like the strange thing which is lying on my table since the last midsummer. The engineer was probably quadriplegic. This great part is not available at German retailers.
But ask your dentist or druid on the corner (pharmacy) if they can order such a thing. The old model doesn’t have a span mechanism yet, but is also good to handle. The new one will be launched in the next weeks.

I don’t know yet how much it will cost.

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