Bath Reconstruction Neverending Story Part 1


After more than 2 years I have calmed down a little bit and I am writing about my legendary

Bath Reconstruction!

People with high blood pressure should save themselves to rebuild a small bathroom into a wash plant suitable for wheelchair drivers and build a new house instead.
This is “going” faster.

Already at the time when I was still in hospital I was taken home by the transport service, then heaved to the first floor to surprisingly find out at a living space inspection that my bathroom was not suitable for someone in a wheelchair.

This fact didn’t remain concealed even to me, in spite of considerable medication abuse upfront.

Now it was official, my bathroom was too small!

My wife took pictures and filled various questionnaires about the number of stairs in front of the house, the width of doors in the flat, etc. etc. etc….

This information was filed somewhere unregarded. Oh well…

Because addresses of construction companies and suitable plumbers in Germany apparently are subject to the highest level of secrecy obligation everything was left with me again.

An acquaintance who is architect had the idea to “push” the wall on the right 1,20 meter to the side, then everything should fit in…

Therefore the inflatable guest bed in the home office had to give way.

Thanks again from this side.

After more than 2 years I am still waiting for promised offers from plumbers. They don’t want to make money, others therefore more.

I like quotations like that:

Reconstruction bathroom mere 17.000 € with the details:

Demounting of bathroom furniture 60 €.
This was a 50 cm wall cupboard.

All extra work will be invoiced separately.
A picture was hanging on the wall.

When I tried to call our property management regarding the move of the wall on extension 59 I heard the voice mail text that due to absence I should call the colleague on extension 67 for the next two and a half weeks. There I heard the voice mail text that I should consult his substitute under extension 59 for the next two weeks.

If it was a load-bearing wall or not which we intended to move probably would have to be eventually clarified by the Federal Constitutional Court.

The non-working employee in charge of the property management (extension 59) insisted that no wall might be torn down without his assessment.

He didn’t make in within 3 months to walk the 250 meters from his office to my bathroom, not to mention an on-site inspection of the property within a year.

Because I wanted to leave the hospital one time I decided by agreement with the advisory board, wall down, H-beam in, regardless of costs.

To be continued!

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