Disabled Parking Place Occupier


All parking facilities for exceptionally disabled people, also known as disabled parking permit, are known to have the colour blue.
For us lame footers sitting in the car it is hardly possible to determine whether a permit is lying in the car which is parking e.g. on a disabled parking place in front of a bakery or not.
(Older blogpost: Please keep our disabled parking places free!).

Should I coincidentally see that no parking permit is displayed of course I would wait for a couple of hours on the street until the assumed

Disabled Parking Place Occupier

is coming out of the bakery with his/her groceries. Maybe I would have got a bread roll from him/her.

To avoid such unnecessary waiting time in the future, and to have disabled parking place occupiers easily identified by the regulatory authorities, allegedly all vehicles from disabled people with parking permit have to be painted blue from now on.
Here in front of a hospital one of the first

blue types.

Of course now without unnecessary parking permit!

One could almost think it would be a vehicle from a German TV station if nobody would have retouched the picture!

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