Eigude Shame Part XVI

Today, like every couple of years, I wanted to follow my civic duty and go/drive to the polls.
Local, federal state or Bundestag elections are a must for me as almost professional complainer.
True to the motto: who doesn’t vote doesn’t have the right to complain either!

When I finally arrived at the Riedhof school in Frankfurt after an exhausting journey (approx. 92 meters), I stood already for the third time in front of this steep, dangerous

auxiliary ramp – slide

The perspective is misleading, this thing is steep!

At the first two elections I had already complained at the electoral assistants.
Probably this

climbing frame

was used as a pattern for the ramp.

At this local election the

ballot paper

is a little larger. You are allowed to make 96 crosses at max, which with my finger function can block the polling booth for 1,5 hours.

The unfolded ballot papers hardly fit on to the small primary school tables.

The ballot papers are very popular with the homeless as blanket.

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