Technical Aids for Quadriplegics VIII


There are really good technical aids available.

These technical aids are often developed by concerned people, produced in small batches and are in many cases not known by physicians and therapists.

We “Teddies“ (Quadri- or Tetraplegics) often have limited or not any finger function any more.

A companion had a great idea, worked it out until production readiness and distributes this individually adapted gripping aid under the name


You have a let’s call it gripper adapted to the hand.
This is opened and closed pneumatically by pushing a button with the other arm.

Depending on the handicap there are various different grippers, hand adaptions, etc. etc. etc…

You are able to grip again.
This gripping aid facilitates again independent eating, drinking, writing… ingenious!!

When I was asked I immediately volunteered as test person for new developments. Maybe I can help a little bit.

Look at the homepage and make it known.
Not to be able to walk any more is one thing, but not to be able to grip properly any more is not really great.

Take away the tools from a technician, and he will get them back!!!
The key chain is from the German technical relief organization ;-)

Let’s wait and see if I recognize myself in the mirror after the next test series :-)

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