Where are the 70.000 workers at Frankfurt Airport???


Long “fairytale”, but worth reading!!!

On Saturday I landed exceedingly on time on 22:30 from Chania (Crete) in Frankfurt.

I will never understand why some people are applauding after the landing. Nobody was ever applauding for me when I did my job well. Anyway…

The aircraft was parking on a remote stand, I had as usual a nice window seat and watched very relaxed the totally stressed pedestrians leaving the plane.

As wheelchair user you have the privilege of the last passenger after the landing.

The flight captain stated that he had requested the special lifting bus and adequate members of the ground staff already several times, so that I could leave the plane as well.

But nobody came!!!

Parts of the crew and the pilot provided some company to me with which they apparently had some fun. The unwritten law that the captain is the last to leave the ship is still of great importance at Condor.

Eventually someone from ground staff came and seriously asked me if I could walk. He accurately observed that he could not help me on his own. Insight of the day…

While waiting for the lifting bus the luggage was unloaded, so I asked a crew member to check if my wheelchair and wheelchair tractive Minitrac are waiting on the airfield and hopefully are not loaded on the luggage carts.

He said that this would be the case, the things would be standing there. Uff…

The lifting bus finally arrived around 23:10, I left the aircraft with the help of two strong guys and my beloved plane transit wheelchair.

Afterwards they helped me into my own wheelchair which unlike my Minitrac was fortunately still there.
Anyway, so we had to get my Minitrac at the bulky luggage claim.

With the bus we were not brought as usual to the FraCare Service (Service for handicapped at Frankfurt airport), because this area was already closed at this time, but to a different entrance.

There a friendly employee from FraCare was waiting for me.

She said that our luggage would be in the reconstructed building C, and we would have to see how we get there at this time because some of the elevators were switched off.

She used her phone virtually as GPS and lead us confidently like a bushman in the desert through the corridors of the building.

When we finally arrived at the luggage belt we didn’t have to search our luggage for a long time, our 3 bags were rotating around and around.

The whole baggage claim area was almost deserted, there was not even a luggage thief.

My Minitrac

stood with its 65 kg a little disjointed in a plastic box on the bulky luggage belt!

My wife reassembled the Minitrac to begin with.

It is unbelievable, but at 23:44 nobody responsible was there nor could be reached by telephone, who could lift my little box from the luggage belt.

In the meantime even the last passengers were gone who we could have asked for help.

At last my wife has magically lifted my Minitrac from the luggage belt together with two men whom I just call Mister X and Y here. At this point I would like to thank them and the employee of FraCare again!

I left the terminal at 23:55!!!

My pre-ordered wheelchair taxi was kindly waiting in front of the terminal.

I have sent this “fairy tale” in a slightly modified version to Fraport (operating company of Frankfurt Airport) requesting their comments. I will keep you informed.

To my shame I have to admit that I used to work 9 years at the Frankfurt airport before my accident.

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3 Responses to “Where are the 70.000 workers at Frankfurt Airport???”

  1. Heike says:

    Oh mann Stevie, was du immer alles erlebst.Ich freu mich ,dass du trotz der Chaoten am Flughafen( der Fähigste ist ja nicht mehr da!) irgendwann zu Hause angekommen bist und hoffe, ihr hattet trotz allem einen schönen Urlaub!
    Ganz liebe Gr√ľ√üe

  2. Rollinator says:

    Wenn da mal ein Chaot gewesen wäre ;-)

    Urlaub, was ist das?

    Aber unsere 2 “Hilfsmitteltestwochen” waren sehr erholsam.

  3. Holger says:

    …es denkt kein Mensch das man ganz schnell im Rolli sitzen k√∂nnte. Wenn man Gesund ist…wieso auch ! :-) Tolle Geschichte und Seite von Dir… :-) Habe meinen ersten Flug mit e-Fix Rolli im Juli vor mir, hoffe es geht alles glatt…LG…Holger

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