Wheelchair Tuning Part II


Such an active wheelchair is in no way comparable with such a mobile garden bench as you know from the hospitals.

The manufacturers offer the most different wheelchair accessories which might be completely reasonable. You should negotiate about sponsoring in your individual case with your health insurance or bank. Don’t exaggerate, always use original parts of the manufacturer and let professional personnel mount it.

Only screw with your eyes :-)

I have tetra clips at the wheelchair tyres, i.e. the chrome clip is folded forward, then you put the hand into it and pull the wheel off.
It’s not “going“ any easier.


If the driving wheels are dangling, DON’T take it as given.
The length of the axes can be adjusted optimally, even if it is rather inconvenient.

Addendum: The tetra clip is not recommendable if not absolutely needed, because thereby the wheels always have a little “play”, and the metal holders are rattling on the spokes.

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