Addendum 2 Chock X


As mentioned, even the white orthosis was at some stage finalized, and I left the hospital.
The great thing with this kind of orthosis is that you can bend your leg. Therefore you are quite mobile in the flat because you can sit in your own wheelchair. The leg should be rested in an elevated position as much as possible, which I realize with two flower stools and a cushion. The transfer to bed, shower… is ok.
With the rented

“Tank Wheelchair”,

in which you are supposed to drive with outstretched leg, independent navigation even in the flat is not possible for me.
This thing makes no headway, and it doesn’t have hand rim coats either.
Furthermore with this size I would need a new set of furniture after two weeks. A transfer to the bed is very critical, even with a second person.
A trip outside with pusher can’t be expected from anyone. At the

White Orthosis

the finetuning was still missing. Now it fits ;-)

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