Technical Aids Tips and Tricks Part L


I have found a great technical aid to open canned staple food, with fish, instant noodles, goulash soup, wieners, Coke, Bed Rull, beer and cider.

The Canpull opener was awarded with a design prize, the unofficial Oscar for household items of all kind.

One reason more for an extensive Rollinator test as I always had ambivalent feelings towards designer parts. From experience, unfortunately modern appearance and functionality rarely fit together.

This is not the case with the

Canpuller and Soda Snap

With one side

dog, cat and human food cans

can be opened tetra easily.

A small plastic nose clicks into the ring-pull of the can so that the Canpuller doesn’t slip off when it is bent for opening. This is working without problems.

Unfortunately the Canpuller doesn’t help against the burning lips if three chilli peppers are displayed on the “devil’s goulash” can. I am currently a little handicapped.

The other side of the award winner is suitable to open beverage cans in record time.

Thus you can pass an opened can of Prosecco to your colleague even after the eight successful test series with hop blossom ice tea cans of which the content was professionally disposed into the gorge.

This can opener is a well-thought-out and functional technical aid.

Source of Supply:

I give to the Canpuller 4,5 out of 5 possible Golden Steering Forks.

Half a steering fork had to be deducted because manual hands-on is still necessary.

Another type of can opener, (see older blogpost).
An ingenious bottle opener, (see older blogpost).

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2 Responses to “Technical Aids Tips and Tricks Part L”

  1. Mark says:

    Hey Steffen…erstmal muss ich sagen, das du hier Super Berichte schreibst :-) Ich habe Multiple Sklerose und dadurch mit Ă„hnlichen Problemen wie ein Tetra zu kämpfen…habe schon sehr viele Möglichkeiten probiert um solche Dosen zu öffnen, es war sehr schwierig…Aber dieser von dir vorgestellte kleine Helfer ist sowas von genial…da öffnen sich die Dosen echt “Tetraleicht” gaaaaaaaanz groĂźes + fĂĽr den Tipp ;-)

  2. Rollinator says:

    Eigude Mark,

    danke fĂĽr die Blumen, klick mal auf den Tag “Greifen”,

    da sind vielleicht noch ein paar ganz interessante Tipps fĂĽr Dich dabei. ;-)

    VG Steffen (Rollinator)

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