Addendum Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XLVIII


The wheelchair Segway is not only available from


(see older blogpost).

Also the German company

is constructing one of those models. I think they are affordable, but apart from that I could not report more than what you can see on the website.

A wheeler mate has found out some things, I consider his investigations most interesting. However I can’t guarantee for the correctness of the information.
I will call him Informant Segway:

The scooter by Genny shown in the film clip costs laid-back 15950 Euro (net). I have got this information from the Italian headquarter.

A possible alternative is the MobilityCube reconstruction kit based on a Segway. Costs 3.800,00 €!

The customer either brings his own Segway, or we provide a Segway.
The aquisition of a Segway costs new 7.900,00 € and used from Segway 6.600,00 €.

We arrange the individual approval of the technical control association for costs of 385,00 €. Illumination according to road traffic regulations 50,00 €.

Optionally the customers can exchange the original tyres with tyres of the company Axperts.
Usually an extra charge of ca. 420,00 € bis 450,00 € arises…

Thanks to informant Segway for the investigation!!!

Now we only have to convince Santa Claus as sponsor, and the fun can begin. ;-)

Translator BL

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