Wheelchair Tuning Part XI


In light of the current situation, outside we have currently at 10:08 h already 25,4° C, something topical.

Because I can hardly grasp with my fingers it is only possible for me to move my wheelchair when I press my hands against the hand rims of the driving wheels and push them forward.

This is only possible for me with rubberized hand rims, unless I push with the spokes which is a little inconvenient and not possible if you have spoke protectors.
The hand rims are available readily coated with rubber, or as

“sliced hosepipe“ (hand rim cover),

which you pull over on a standard hand rim.

Everybody has to decide for himself what is better or worse.

It is said that the hand rim covers would slip from the hand rims in the summer when it is warm and the rubber gets soft.
I have made the same negative experience.

You can counteract very simple if you clean the hand rim covers approximately all two weeks from in- and outside respectively the hand rims with an alcoholic cleaner like window cleaner, rubbing alcohol,…
The covers stick afterwards to the hand rim like glued.

Now a little bit of hairspray outside on the hand rim cover, and there is nothing in the way of a trip to the swimming lake.

If they have a lift to water at the swimming lake?

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