On Sunday a young lady parked with her black New Beetle on my disabled parking place. I have completely overreacted and insulted this poor lady in the worst way possible when she came strutting with her noble handbag around her arm and the car key in her hand.

I would like to officially apologize for my slightly risen voice at this stage.

She explained that she hadn’t seen neither the signage nor the labeling, and she didn’t understand my reaction at all.

Retrospectively I am sorry that I didn’t believe her affirmation of innocence.

She had only parked for 10 minutes.

Kind of strange when shortly afterwards her mother, aunt or so came along and told that she stated at her visit that she was parking with her car on a disabled parking place.

A little suspect!

Perhaps she takes the same pills like me and is slightly confused as well.

When she was driving away she must have accidently slipped from the clutch with her foot, otherwise her racing start is not explicable for me.

As excuse I would like to offer her to please send me an e-mail before her next visit so that I drive away my car on time to make my disabled parking place free for her.

Comments requested!

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