Signs Part IV


We wheelers are often treated a little childlike.
I am not annoyed with anybody if he is patting my head in the last moment of saying goodbye.
That’s just the way it is if you are just 1,38 m small.
But if it will ever occur to anyone to spit on a tissue to wipe a spot off my face then only steel-toed boots protect him from my wheels.

For the city of Frankfurt all wheelers seem to be like children.
In the zoo a playground was built especially for us active wheelers. Actually this signage can’t be interpreted differently.

active wheeler’s playground

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One Response to “Signs Part IV”

  1. Andreas Fellmann says:

    Morschä Steffen,

    wollte dir nur mal liebe GrĂĽĂźe hierlassen.
    Ich stolpere immer mal wieder unregelmäßig durch deinen Blog.
    Lass dich nicht unterkriegen!

    Gehst du ab und zu noch ins Waldstadion? Infrastruktur dafĂĽr ist ja ganz gut.


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