Chock Part X


Master Geppetto’s orthopedic craft shop

Escape from the hospital, target: Friday

Meanwhile my hospital stay has escalated to an

Extreme Orthosis Testing.

Type one, the “Blue Lionpard” (see older blogpost Chock IX), had a very eventful life. After a couple of cuddling hours in the first night my heel cancelled the friendship with the orthosis. I better refrain from posting a picture of my heel.

The “Blue Lionpard ” was permanently parked on the chair opposite of my bed for the time being.
As an interim solution until “Leo” only would be completely cushioned, I got orthosis two, the

Black Knight

After the chief physician himself brought the orthosis back to the orthopedic craft shop to Master Geppetto, it was gone for the next eight days.

On Monday, despite of the morning call from my doctor and verbal promise, I was waiting for Master Geppetto without success.

Tuesday noon Master Geppetto came to my room with orthosis “Leo” under his arm, cushioned and stretched. After the fitting he said they would have to rework it again. It still would be a little tight (so true!), but promised to come back in the afternoon. Geppetto didn’t really come… Total failure, nothing again!

Wednesday morning the same. On inquiry of my physician, where Geppetto had been on the previous day, he said he had worked on the orthosis and he would come during the day. When???

This time I called myself and asked when he would come. What a miracle, Geppetto came with reinforcement and the lower part of a substantially wider and cushioned orthosis. In the first moment I thought he had repainted the Blue Lionpard .
This thing was white.
Far from it, orthosis three, type

White Snow Leopard

Geppetto promised to come back definitely in the afternoon with the then double cushioned lower part so that I can try it in the night. He would “carve” the upper part the next day.

I knew that he was closing the craft shop towards 18:00 h and called him at 17:40 h. I talked to Angelo who reported that Geppetto would be out of office, probably on his way to see me.

This was not the case. On my second call the master told me he had done something different, but would come the next day at 11:00 with the finished orthosis.

I called on Thursday at 11:00 h, he put me off to 13:00 h. Master Geppetto actually came with the supposed finished

Snow Leopard Orthosis

He observed during the fitting on my leg that the upper part needed to be adjusted a little bit, but this should be done quickly, and he would be back in a moment. The master was back only 40 minutes later. Geppetto observed that the whole orthosis still needed a little fine tuning, but this should be done in around half an hour if nothing unexpected would come up, and off he went. This was at 14:00 h. Let’s wait and see if my fracture has completely healed when I see Master Geppetto the next time…

And the moral of the story:

I know now how Pinocchio got his “long nose gene”.

Next time I will carve my medical devices myself again!

Translator BL


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  1. Jo says:

    Auf dem Bild ist Dein Näschen gar nicht so lang… :-)
    Mann… Sind die irre. Kein Wunder, dass die italienische Wirtschaft am Boden liegt…

  2. Kurt says:

    Habe hier einen Satz Schnitzmesser liegen sollte ich diese am 8. mitbringen ?

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