Technical Aids construction corner :-)


I already mentioned several times that I should rest my broken leg despite orthosis in an elevated position as much as possible.

To rest the leg elevated sitting in my own wheelchair under my desk on a small flower stool turns out to be a little inconvenient, especially when you permanently need something, or the arm is not long enough again…
I refuse the tank wheelchair in my flat (see blogpost below).

The latest “technical aids construct” appears a little clumsy at first sight, but is well thought on and almost ready for series production.

With a Swedish drawer box, the book “Our Wonderful Planet” and a blue pillow of a German coffee roaster a rolling board for flower pots from my stairwell which I coaxed as permanent loan from my neighbour was pimped to the exact positioning height of my leg.

Rolling board

I now put my leg coolly on my rolling board-drawer box and drive comfortably with my wheelchair under the desk.

With a special adaption on the wheelchair my rolling board should also be outdoor suitable. A medical device number has been applied for, and a motorization is currently in the planning phase!

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3 Responses to “Technical Aids construction corner :-)”

  1. Kurt says:

    hätte da noch einen 200W 12V E-Motor im Keller

  2. Rollinator says:

    … Opel baut jetzt Elektroautos, auf das Niveau lasse ich mich nicht herab. Ich bin mehr bei einem Luftkissenantrieb, wie es auch fĂĽr Rasenmäher gibt. ;-)

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