Wheelchair Tuning Part XXVII


The instruction of my chief physician to rest my injured leg in an elevated position meanwhile causes sleepless nights for me.

Because the special

rented tank wheelchair

with foldaway footrests is innavigable for me and far too big I am already thinking since the time in hospital how I could realize to mount something on my wheelchair so that I can permanently rest my leg elevated, but also bend it.

I got the tip several times to put a wooden board below my cushion. Everybody who was ever sitting on a rocker knows where that ends.

Yesterday morning I woke up after a leg-elevation nightmare and miraculously I had a foldaway, removable footrest from my tank wheelchair on my everyday wheelchair. Strange things happen…???
I was very much delighted, a miracle, it must have something to do with Halloween.

First active wheelchair oft he world with fixed and foldaway foot rests


I would never dare to drill holes into my medcial supply store wheelchair. ;-)

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3 Responses to “Wheelchair Tuning Part XXVII”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Als ich im Netz nach Rolli-Tuning suchte, landete ich (in Verbindung mit “rolliboard”) bei dir.

    Nun ist das witzig, denn schau mal bei mir im Forum:


    denn dort habe ich auch eine “Tuning-Ecke” eingebaut.

  2. Kurt Landler says:

    es ist an der Zeit einen Film zu machen………..

  3. Gibsonin says:

    Jetzt mal ne vielleicht blöde frage, gibt es Teil zu bestellen? Bei mir stehen neue Operationen an und die Fußstütze wäre mehr als sinnvoll. Hast du tips für mich? Würd mich sehr freuen!

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