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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XVI

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

As wheelchair using quadriplegic rainy weather simply sucks!

With wet rubber hand rims it is hardly possible for me to turn the driving wheels so that I can’t move any more.
It would be just a bit inconvenient to take a shower undesirably for the second time in a day, but if I am standing on a hillside the braking gets a bit critical respectively almost impossible.
Such a big

rain cape for cyclists

is in my opinion a good and low price solution.
It doesn’t always have to have a medical device number.
My hand rims stay dry to a large extent.
The cape should be shortened appropriately.

Be careful that it doesn’t get in the wheels.
Spoke protector discs are beneficial.

Ducks like water, but I haven’t seen something like this before.
It is raining day and night there.
This duck probably has

neoprene feathers

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