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(Deutsch) Werbung Part I

星期二, 十一月 30th, 2010


Fax to my general practitioner!

星期二, 十一月 30th, 2010


Dear Ladies,
Please send me the following prescription:
Voltaren Emulgel 1 kg
Have a nice Advent season!

My dispenser!

Voltaren in 200 gram tubes is for kids.
With 1 kg I just get through Christmas season.


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Quadriplegic Tips XVII

星期一, 十一月 22nd, 2010

I am totally convinced that I own the coolest

Floss dispenser

of all times.
Manfred the fisherman motivates me every morning anew to do something meaningful with the day, provided that you define the “nonsense” that I permanently produce as meaningful.
Everything is to my opinion more meaningful than to sit on the couch and wait with the PS2 plastic fishing rod that the fish virtually bites the bait on TV. (No joke, see older blogpost).

Well, if the fish is delicious!

Back to the floss. The usage of floss in traditional technique leads with my light-fingeredness, with the emphasis on “light”, inevitably to undesired self-bondages and strangulations.

There are these little flossers with which you have to watch out that you don’t swallow them. According to latest rumours the new floss holder with integrated span mechanism and rubberized grip handle of the brand GUM:

Floss holder type Flosbrush

looks exactly like the strange thing which is lying on my table since the last midsummer. The engineer was probably quadriplegic. This great part is not available at German retailers.
But ask your dentist or druid on the corner (pharmacy) if they can order such a thing. The old model doesn’t have a span mechanism yet, but is also good to handle. The new one will be launched in the next weeks.

I don’t know yet how much it will cost.

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Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XXII

星期二, 十一月 16th, 2010

Als ich noch “Fußie” war, bin ich je nach Dienst um 04:30 Uhr aufgestanden. Das es zu dieser Zeit recht dunkel ist, wenn man ums Bett geht und zuvor die Nachttischlampe ausgeschaltet hat, ist klar. Mein Schienbein hat sich hierbei in regelmäßigen Abständen mit der Ecke des herausragenden Bettrahmenbalkens angelegt und verloren.
Aus diesem Grund hatte ich mir seinerzeit ein batteriebetriebenes

LED-Nachtlicht mit Bewegungsmelder

angeschafft, das ich quasi als Bettunterbeleuchtung verwendet habe. Diese Teile sind mittlerweile recht günstig und im Baumarkt, oder zeitweise beim Discounter für unter 10 € zu erwerben.

Jetzt habe die LED-Lampe auf meinem Nachttisch stehen. Da muss ich nur mal mit der Hand winken, damit das Licht angeht.
Dies ist genial, da ich durch die Lähmung der Beine / Hüfte wortwörtlich wie ein Maikäfer auf dem Rücken liege und nicht ohne größte Schwierigkeiten an den Schalter der normalen Nachttischlampe komme. Am Boden in der Wohnung machen die Teile auch Sinn, da muss man beim Durchrollern von Zimmer zu Zimmer nicht immer alle Lichter Ein- und Ausschalten.

Mit Akkus bestückt “geht” mir ca. 3 Monate lang Nachts ein Licht auf!

LED = Lumineszenz Emitter Diode

Technical Aids for Quadriplegics

星期四, 十一月 11th, 2010

With my buckled Tetra fingers I can’t open cans any more.

I think that I might succeed some day with this

plastic bow


The can is standing on a non-slip mat (see older blogpost).

The leverage is considerable.

The opener is distributed by the Company Brix Denmark.
The company produces other openers as well.

With this part it should be possible to open an

Eintracht- Frankfurt Adlerschoppe


It is incomprehensible to me why the plastic bow is called J-Popper.
Let’s think about it…

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Wheelchair Tuning Part XIX Competitor

星期一, 十一月 8th, 2010

In the land of opportunity I have discovered it.

The chain-drive

Off-Road Wheelchair, Type: Renegade.

Whether on sand, snow, dirt road or creek bed, with this hell of a chair you get through almost every terrain.

Unbelievable, but true, watch the VIDEOS.
The wheelchair has a 7 gear hub in the driving wheels.

It has winter accessories, with

snow chains, blades

and a

snow shovel,

to clear the gateway from snow. The

fishing rod holder

is rather funny I think, but the

gun holder

beats almost everything I have seen so far.

The price is fair, the basic model is available as of 4500$.

One time with this thing through the city of Frankfurt!!!
If the gun has a medical device number?

Source: Renegade USA

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Simply great! Part III

星期六, 十一月 6th, 2010

In an older blogpost I have bashed a little on this wheelchair, I would like to apologize for that.
The special wheelchair with cross tyres was standing in India.
It is one of worldwide

530.000 Low-Budget Wheelchairs

(April 2012 already 639.000)

in 77 countries which have been especially developed by the organization

and donated to people in need.
The target of the project is to provide 20 million wheelchairs worldwide for free.
Each wheelchair costs only 59,20 USD including delivery.

Have you ever considered the donation of a wheelchair?
Just “go“ to the website of FWM and have a look.

Link: Free Wheelchair Mission

Unbelievable but true, a tool kit is inside the footrest.

Source: Free Wheelchair Mission

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Wheelchair Tuning Part XVIII

星期三, 十一月 3rd, 2010

I have got the impression that there is the general opinion that all wheelchair drivers are going to bed before dark.

Otherwise it is inexplicable for me that non of the wheelchairs I have seen has but one reflector on the front side.

This is a striking lack of safety!!!

Safety regulations of that kind are not known to me. One could almost think that we are allowed to be knocked over in traffic.

With luck one has at least a bicycle reflector put in the spokes.

The big discounters every now and then offer silver-coloured

spokes reflectors.

These were not allowed for bicycles for a long time, but are perfect for wheelchairs.

For bicycles it is: front white, side orange, rear red.

My tip:

Paste your wheelchair especially on the front with adhesive reflectors, buy orange bike reflectors, spokes reflectors, or even better reflective


Reflectors for arms and legs

for cyclists can e.g. be sewed on the backpack.

With a head light you can see holes in the ground at night

(see older blogpost).

Blinking rear light of a bike, figure something out, be creative, paste reflectors at the inside of the car door so that it is seen from far when it is open.

I don’t have the desire to be run over by a car because of serious safety lacks on a wheelchair which apparently nobody is interested in.

The “Stiftung Warentest” (German product test foundation) is not interested in testing wheelchairs either
(see older blogpost). (My latest status).

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Technical Aids Tips und Tricks XXI

星期二, 十一月 2nd, 2010

Almost all wheelchair users are using bicycle gloves which they buy every now and then at the discounter.
My needs for these quality products were plentiful, the more expensive ones weren’t any better for wheelchair driving either.
I got the tip to switch to sailing gloves because they are more robust and additionally reinforced at the forefinger to let the ropes run through for sailing without burning the fingers.
Furthermore the glove fixes very well around the wrist which is very important for me as quadriplegic for braking to not loose the gloves. The velcro tapes are fixing well, and the leather is out of one piece. The gloves are available in Antara leather or Neoprene.

Sailing Gloves

The price starts at 10,00 €.
Source of supply can be enquired.


Now I am just missing a sailing boat.

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Tenerife Part V

星期二, 十一月 2nd, 2010

I already mentioned the accessibility of Los Cristianos. They have equipped a special area for us wheelchair and scooter users on the beach over there.

You can drive in your wheelchair on wooden planks almost into the water.

If you really would like to go into the sea there are two wheelchair lifeguards who lift you with a hoist into a

Beach Wheelchair

and move you across the sand into the sea.

The guys have pushed me across the beach at a run. I was shocked that Spaniards can move that fast, respect.

Swimming in the sea for the first time after 3,5 years, what a feeling!

I was hardly in the water, and the big fish die-off began.

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