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Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

The most important safety equipment of a wheeler is his mobile phone.
You need it in the most paradox situations, maybe I will tell more about it later.

Yesterday I wanted to change my ancient mobile phone tariff and visited a store with the magenta coloured rectangles (translator’s note: German telecom), because online you can only upgrade and not downgrade your contracts.
A very kind competent service guy changed my tariff by means of a TAN code and a generated text message on my mobile phone immediately and without unnecessary sales talk.
Fascinating technology…
I interpreted the permanent clattering on the keyboard as work.
Then perceived 20 pages of paper with some standard templates were printed, filled, signed, and I was almost content.

Furthermore I wanted to terminate a partner SIM card, for which they already told me at the telephone hotline that this could only be done in writing, and I would best visit a shop.
I asked the service guy for the termination and he said that he would immediately set up a document.

The service counter was rather high for me so that I didn’t see exactly what he was writing.
Have a look yourself, you can close “digitally” the weirdest contracts with the company bling, bling, bling, bling.
SMS, WARP, GPS, UMTS… everything is possible, but for a simple termination letter the analogue pen has to come out!!!

Afterwards I was surprised that the service guy of this younger generation could actually handle such an ancient helping aid (pen).

Translator BL