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Sport News IV

星期五, 八月 31st, 2012

Paralympic Computer Tip

After the broadcasting marathon of the TV stations at the Olympic Games I am a bit disappointed that no live sport from the Paralympics is broadcasted in the evening programme.

Yesterday evening at wheelchair basketball there was right in the opening match of the group stage a new edition of the European championship final

Germany vs. Great Britain.

No German TV station has broadcasted the match, it’s a shame!!!

On the official website of the Paralympics there are several live streams in English and Spanish available with the various disciplines.

It was working for me only after installing the Plugin “octoshape streaming service” and “Adobe Flash Player 11.4″.

I had then connected my laptop with a HDMI cable to my TV and watched the match!!!

After a thrilling match revenge was taken and

Germany won 77:72 after extra time!!!

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Sport News III

星期四, 八月 30th, 2012

Today is the start of the

Paralympics in London!

My personal tip, watch

Wheelchair Rugby and Wheelchair Basketball

on TV. It is unbelievable how fast one can move in a wheelchair!!!

In February 2012, when I was in Tenerife in the wheelchair hotel “Mar y Sol”, the Swedish national team was training for wheelchair rugby, (see older blogpost with video).

I tried myself in wheelchair hockey, “Sport News II”.

During the opening ceremony I even recognized a Swedish player.

Wheelchair basketball is just power:

Frankfurt “Mainhatten Sky-Wheelers”

Sailing is of course paralympic as well!

In Mallorca there is an organization FUNDACIÓN HANDISPORT
With them a wheelchair user can go waterskiing, golfing and driving beach buggy, and even sailing.

I have tried it of course, it was a perfect day:

What would have happened when my sailing teacher (behind me in the picture) would have fallen into the water?

For the next Paralympics I still have to practice a bit. ;-)

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Addendum Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XLVI

星期五, 八月 24th, 2012

Addendum to blogpost from 01. November 2011 about a self-constructed

window opener for wheelers.

From a fellow wheeler I have got the tip that she is using a window opener of the company

for years and is very happy with it.


I had a closer look at this part in the internet and agree with her.

For buckled fingers like me with limited finger function the handle would have to be modified a little.

I consider the price as fair, which is probably because this window opener unfortunately doesn’t have a medical device number.

If someone should manage to convince his health insurance to cover the costs for this useful technical aid please send me a short message.

Again thanks for this tip to Bärbel from Berlin.

If you have more tricks on your mind, as usual e-mail to:

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Crazy Flash XVI

星期三, 八月 22nd, 2012

At the very first moment, nothing special strikes out from this sign.

(Someone has written on it: Attention! Stupid Kids!)

On closer examination I was in doubt for an instant if I didn’t confuse my pills in the morning… ;-)

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3. Addendum: Eigude Shame XVIII

星期二, 八月 21st, 2012

Addendum to blogpost Eigude Shame XVIII from 25.07.12

Other posts: 31.07.12 and 06.08.12

Last week I have heard from my informant in Rödelheim that my favourite sign

Passing prohibited for wheelchair users

at the train station Rödelheim in Frankfurt has been unfortunately removed after three month… sniff… :-(

New sign:


Ramp gradient approx. 10% Use at your own risk!

Photo: Rödelheim Blog und P._

The new ramps still aren’t any less steep, and we hope that the lifts will always be running.

But when these are defective at least we wheelchair users are now allowed with kind approval of the city of Frankfurt and the German railway company to most officially tumble down the 10% ramp “at our own risk”.

According to the information of the commissioner for disabled of the city, a flattening of the ramps is not planned.

Allegedly, the ramps would have a floor heating!!!

There is a special blog about the never-ending story of the reconstruction of the train station: Bahnhof-Rödelheim-Blog

Kindly our letter of thanks which was actually referring to the original sign was not removed. Whereas… the text still fits! ;-)

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Back from Oberstdorf!

星期日, 八月 19th, 2012

Brought some nice weather back home.

38° C in the shade ;-)

Click on Tags “COOLING CAP”

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Technical Aids for Quadriplegics IX

星期五, 八月 10th, 2012

There are often small things which can help to get mad a little less in spite of one’s handicap. With my buckled fingers I always have “slight” difficulties to hold a pen.

Even before my accident I already had a kind of cryptographic handwriting (dreadful scrawl), which I only could decipher myself, but now…

My “handwriting“ is quite dreadful despite occupational therapy in which I started like in first grade to draw “e” and “a”.

I always try to convince myself to see everything sportingly and stay quiet, but if it is about writing I rarely succeed.

Everybody who once had a healthy set of hands knows what I mean.

I recommend to everyone who would like to try out such a handicap to do the housekeeping for at least 1,5 hours with leather ski gloves, or just try to write an address on an envelope… with sender! ;-)
If I could really motivate somebody for this test I would appreciate to receive a test report.

I didn’t like pencils any more at all, these things were too smooth for me.

You might put rubber foam or rubber caps on the pencils, but it might work differently as well.

The company Staedtler is known for their writing utensils of all kind.

They are offering a

rubberized pencil (type Noris Ergosoft)

which I think is very recommendable due to its grip.

With this one you might be able to write a love letter in ski gloves.

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Techncal Aids Tips and Tricks XLX

星期三, 八月 8th, 2012


2. Addendum: Eigude Shame XVIII

星期一, 八月 6th, 2012