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Eigude Shame XXIV

星期日, 一月 27th, 2013

It is always interesting how my environment is making an effort that my blood pressure doesn’t permanently remain at a low level.

Recently I wanted to go, as it is a Hobbit tradition, to a Punch and Judy show, or rather a show of the Kikiriki Theatre (puppet theatre for adults) in the “Union-Halle” in Frankfurt.

I drove with my car until the gate of the Union premises and asked the gatekeeper (since I am in the wheelchair even gate keepers are usually quite friendly) for admission onto the premises, hoping that I could park near the hall entrance.

He refused in spite of several requests and relegated me to the quite new Union car park which would be located at the rear side of the former brewery ground.

At last a conscientious employee who consequently adheres to his guidelines. He exemplified “Inclusion”, nobody was privileged, to say:

“You’re not coming in!”

I asked him several times if there are disabled parking places. The disabled parking permit behind the windscreen and my wheelchair behind me in the car could hardly be ignored.

When I stood in front of the car park I had to discover with surprise that steel brackets were raised on the two disabled parking places in front of the car park.

It is a mystery to me how you turn down the brackets, maybe I should have tried it with the European disabled toilet key, or with the password “Little bracket duck yourself!”

I don’t know…, I surely don’t have to get out of the car before, any ideas? Please write a comment.

If I have seen it correctly there are two stairs at the entrance/exit of the new car park, these are nice to look at for a wheelchair user like me, but the usage of the car park is therefore very limited.

I found a suitable parking place on the other side of the street.

After I got out of the car at last and sat in my wheelchair again I missed a lowered curb nearby.
I rolled on the street to the alleged rear entrance of the Union premises which wasn’t exactly safe, there my wife helped me over the curb between the parking cars.

Then… I stood in front of it,… a beautiful steep concrete staircase with seven stairs, I was quite speechless, and this happens very rarely.

I could imagine that the usage of the staircase with the missing handrails has already caused difficulties for some partially walking disabled guest of the “King Kamehameha Club” which is located on the same premises ;-)

I assumed that there might be an underground access from the car park to the premises, why the gatekeeper should have sent me there otherwise? This was not the case.

In the end my called-up companions (we were a group with theatre tickets) carried me up the stairs. I hate these soaring flights…!!!

I spared myself to point out to the gatekeeper his “great advice” with the car park. Was probably better for both sides.

When I finally stood in front of the entrance of the hall I wasn’t too surprised about the aluminium ramp because I had used it once four years ago, however I was hoping that it maybe had flattened a bit in the meantime…

The ramp winter service probably had its company holidays this week, otherwise the ice and snow on the 25° ramp (max. 6% gradient are normal) are not explicable.

With combined pushing efforts I arrived upstairs at the entrance after all.

It reminded me a bit of a ski jump!

After this precedent “expedition” my laughter to the jokes in the theatre was a bit more modest. I was thinking already about my way back.

After the show my companions decided with me that it would be saver to carry me down the entrance stairs instead of using the “jump” again.

With such training conditions we should consider to introduce wheelchair ski jumping at the Paralympic winter games!

A contact approach with a person in charge is in process ;-)

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星期一, 一月 21st, 2013

Technical Aids Tips and Tricks XXVIII

星期五, 一月 18th, 2013

The medically proven positive effect of hop blossom ice tea, or disdainfully just called beer, is generally known.

“Cold wheat soup” dope

is extensively carried out, especially in Bavaria with state recognition.

If you are not able to remove the crown cap of the medicine bottle any more due to the paralysis of your hands, illness, stroke or too much doping, there is only one thing to help, the


Source of supply of this ingenious aid without medical device number is amongst others

the company

I have already reported about their knife holder (see older blogpost).

Here is a link to other helpful special openers:

Type I bottle / jar opener

Type II bottle / jar opener

2. self-developed technical aid, my medicine bottle opener

Type I canpull opener

Type II can opener

Security advice: Too much doping can influence the driving characteristics of your wheelchair substantially.

Special thanks to Technical Aids Stuntman Ochim, who immediately volunteered to test the opener with video evidence.

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Crazy Flash XIX

星期日, 一月 13th, 2013

It’s nothing new that you gain one or more kilos weight at Christmas, but what is too much is too much.

I am shocked and deeply embarrassed how extreme the gorging was this time.

I was shocked about my dimensions on the photo when I compared both pictures with each other.

Between the drawing by Anna, made on 24.12.2012 on the right, and the photo on the left made on 28.12.2012, is only

4 days difference…!!!

Help, … please give me wheeler compliant tips so that I reach the drawing shape quickly…!!!

Thanks for the great picture ;-)

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Addendum Worth Reading Crazy Flash XVIII

星期六, 一月 12th, 2013


(Deutsch) Hilfsmittel Tipps und Tricks XXVII Angebot 2013

星期三, 一月 9th, 2013


Crazy Flash XVIII

星期一, 一月 7th, 2013


Eigude Shame XXIII

星期五, 一月 4th, 2013


Happy New Year!

星期三, 一月 2nd, 2013

Wishing you all a “Happy New Year”, especially health and always a smile in your face.

No joke, this actually happened directly on January 1st… I was speechless!!!

I was on Lanzarote for a couple of days for a FreeWheel test week and was flying back yesterday.

It’s nothing new that I divert all kind of things from their intended use and declare them to be technical aids.
In the plane a passenger who sat in the same row did the same.

I willingly pass on interesting and smart ideas.

Apparently he didn’t finish his tasty plane meal.

Thereupon he used to my surprise the airplane oral emission spitting bag* which is quite suitable for technical reasons because of its aluminium coating as doggy bag.

He stored it securely until he left the plane in the bag of the front seat and took it with him then.

Well, enjoy your meal then, I pass on this saving tip without prejudice!!!

*barf bag / air sickness bag

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