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Rollator Part II

星期日, 五月 26th, 2013

On Friday I was at the discount supermarket with the big L and looked at the offers for the coming week.

You should have taken a picture of my face, I am still a bit speechless!!!

As far as I remember we have in Germany doctors, health insurances and medical supply stores who take care about the patients supply of medical devices, and not the supermarkets…

Why does a discount supermarket suddenly sell rollators???

Did I miss something???

I am missing a medical device number in the flyer.

Who will adjust the rollator to the user, and what about maintenance, repair and liability???

Please post a comment…

Do I have to buy my next wheelchair at IKEA and screw it together myself out of two Billy shelves?

Photo Source Lidl

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Simply Great Part VI

星期六, 五月 25th, 2013


Wheelchair Tuning Part XXXIV

星期一, 五月 13th, 2013

I have already pointed out several times that you are hardly seen by the car drivers as wheelchair user in the dark, and that the upgrade with reflectors on the wheelchair can actually prolong one’s life (see older blogpost).

For the 18-year-old kids who think their highly tuned 65 hp small car would need apart from the blue-red blinking footwell area illumination an absolute highlight on the outside there are luminescent valve caps.

When the wheels are turning the battery-driven lamps in different colours are starting to glow or blink.
It’s quite impressive and immediately attracts the attention of the police… wasn’t there something about road traffic regulations… ;-)

For us wheelchair users these little lamps are great. You are turning the wheel a little bit, it is blink-blinking, and you are well noticed in traffic and also at street fairs by pedestrians.

You can buy them for just a few Euros in Ebay, partially even directly from Hongkong. So far all shipments from China have arrived undamaged at my home.

These lamps are working for months without changing the batteries.

I am using them on my beloved FreeWheel (see blogpost), a single spoke wheel which is clamped to the footrest of the wheelchair.

I have given a set of these lights to my wheeler friend, and he screwed them directly onto his wheelchair.

He was really stopped by the police when he was just coming out of the pharmacy, and he should have paid a ticket because of the illegal illumination of his wheelchair.
For each running wheel 5 Euro fine because of blue instead of orange illumination, and because the valve caps didn’t have an off-switch another 2 x 5 Euros on top.

What a nonsense… these are the regulations for a bicycle…

20 Euro fine because the police can’t distinguish a wheelchair from a bicycle…!!!

My friend asked the officers to send him the ticket with the corresponding paragraphs home and announced the probable publication of the incident on the EIGUDE internet blog.

Unfortunately we are still waiting for the ticket to be sent since a couple of months now ;-)

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星期五, 五月 10th, 2013

My friend and author Roberto Sastre (see older blogpost), has discoverd in the Facebook group from New Zealand:

“You’ve got my Car Park, want my Disability too?”

a post about a trend-setting disabled parking place sign with the text of the director of a towing company who got tired of all the silly excuses of the disabled parking place occupiers…

Brilliant… please read below what the group admin and the director of the towing company have to tell ;-)

We just received an email from the Director of New Zealand Towing Ltd based in Royal Oak. He has come up with this sign because he was tired of all the silly excuses so listed the 3 most common ones.

He said he was a huge supporter of our page & has even gone out & purchased digital cameras each for all of his Tow Trucks so that they can take photos of cars parked illegally in Mobility Parking Spaces & send them to our page!

He then told us the 6 rules he goes by before towing a person parked in a Mobility Parking Space, they are as follows…..

“1. No pass its towed – charged full price

2. Forgot to display and are abusive – charged full price.

3. Forgot to display and are polite – charged half price (Personal agreement with CCS Royal Oak staff who are just great people)

4. Have good reason why it not displayed – returned FREE OF CHARGE (Again a Personal agreement with CCS Royal oak staff)

Example: Hands crippled with arthritis and 87 year old lady could not open her purse because she forgot to renew her medication which is what she was doing when we towed it away – I paid for taxi to our yard gave her a cup of tea opened her medication bottle so she could be pain free and once she was ok she left at no cost one happy lady. (Yes Towies have hearts….well I do)

5. Expired pass by more than 3 months its towed even if displayed and CCS called to check if new pass issued if they have valid pass but displayed wrong one its a free return but expired pass cut up. If not renewed and just parking on expired pass – charged full price and pass turned in to confetti (I would love to charge double on these rat bags who only had a temp pass but still use 1-5 year old expired pass)

last rule but its more common sense “If vehicle has wheel chair lift access we don’t touch it even if no pass displayed”

Source: Facebook-Group “You’ve got my Car Park, want my Disability too?”

Addendum Eigude Shame XII

星期二, 五月 7th, 2013

5 months ago, I have already posted about a “disabling”, new disabled toilet in a hospital (see older blogpost).

At that time, I criticised among other things that nobody had unwound the emergency cord.

It is rather bad when you are lying on the floor after a wheelchair-floor-transfer while trying to transfer from wheelchair to toilet and then your are not able to reach the alarm.

In case of emergency you can’t open the door from the inside either because wisely the door lock is mounted at 1,50 m. Probably designer model “Dirk Nowitzki”.

I am not so experienced about industry standards in the area of accessible building, but I would be surprised if such a high installation height of a door lock is allowed. Whereas… the thought is not so far off…!!!

Even wheelchair test person “Detective” had difficulties with the door lock!

I had pointed out the “trifle” with the emergency cord already several times, but it had not been unwound within 4 months anyway. I couldn’t reach the knot up there, otherwise I would have done it myself.

When I complained at a therapist – let’s call her “Work-out” – on 22.04.2013 again about the emergency cord with the Gordian knot she immediately took care of the problem and unknotted the cord. Thanks again from this side.

The appearance of the tetra pot belly had to be alienated out of proprietary reasons.

As you can see on the next picture, there are other disabled toilets in this hospital with door locks in Hobbit height.

Actually it’s my own fault… I am too small… If I really make an effort I might still grow a bit and can then reach the 1,50 m door lock…!!

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Frankfurt is spinning the wheel

星期三, 五月 1st, 2013

Back from hospital after 4 weeks!!!

Traditionally the 1st of May obligates everyone in Frankfurt to get on their bikes and watch the cyclists during the bicycle race which takes place since 53 years in this area.

Bicycle is a must because half of the city centre is closed anyway, and there is no way to get through with a car.

The plaza in front of the “Alte Oper” (old opera house) in between the Frankfurt bank towers is the main plaza of this event with booths and live music.

It is quite funny when you are cruising around as only hand cycle in between all the cyclists and pedestrians.

As already reported, from

28.06. – 07.07.2013

under the slogan “Frankfurt is spinning the wheel” the

European Wheelchair Basketball Championship

of women and men takes place in Frankfurt. (see older blogpost).

I have my ticket for all matches since 2 weeks.

On one of the booths I met gold medal winner Maria Kühn of the wheelchair basketball team Mainhatten Skywheelers, who promoted the European championship in Frankfurt.

She directly fed me with plenty of flyers.

More information on:

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